This Week's Top Two News Headlines of SEO and PPC Industry
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This Week’s Top Two News Headlines of the SEO & PPC industry

SEO and PPC are like real brothers to each other, as somewhere both are dependent on each other. Whenever we run a PPC campaign on a display network, organic leads or SEO leads increase. That’s because people who see banner ads on a display network, later Google it by brand name or company name. Recently we ran a Google Display campaign for a real estate developer in Mumbai and it improved the organic rank. When we stopped running the display, the organic leads decreased by 50%. PPC campaigns have to depend on SEO research for running successful campaigns. It helps them to get keywords that will help to get clicks and conversions. SEO rankings never improve the PPC performance or CTR or quality score.

Let’s see what has happened this week in the SEO and PPC world:

We have got two big news headlines from the SEO and PPC industry this week. Google search engine would allow organic listings to show more text in title and description tags.

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Meta Title of Apnapaisa is 69 characters with spaces; it means it has exceeded a limit of 66 characters. Google search engine would allow organic listings to show titles up to 71 characters (including spaces)

They have increased the character limit of description by 100 characters for organic listings. They are undertaking an experiment and may allow all listings to show 278 character descriptions (with spaces) in the future. has a description of 238 characters with spaces. It means Google has started showing extended title and description for organic listings.

Google is doing A/B testing in the campaigns to gauge the users’ feedback on organic listing and they may reverse the character limit in future. This improved Title and Description may increase or decrease the CTR of some keywords. Some webmasters have appreciated the improved title and description as it has improved organic CTR of some keywords. Redditor Jonathan Jones wrote in his own blog that it has impacted CTR in a positive way. It means it may stay in the market if users’ give positive feedback against these improved Title and Description functions.

Let’s see what is going to happen in the PPC industry soon:

Google Adwords has recently announced that product listing ads may be seen on Google image search. It means if any user is looking for any product or location or anything on an image search, then product listing ads will be seen.

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Product Listing Ads in Google image search would look like this:

Sleeper Sofa

Image Source:

Product listing ads within image search will be officially launched on the coming Monday in the US, but not in India. They are going to be displayed in a carousel format above the images on mobile devices. Google Image search will be considered as a part of the Google Search Network. If your Shopping campaign is opted in to Search partners then Product Listing Ads will be automatically eligible to show in the image search results page.

How did they get idea?

Many users use Google Image Search to search for products, places, gadgets, locations, things, people, animals, flowers etc. Google Adwords team did a research and found that some users (may be more than 0.5%) are actually searching on Google images, so they thought it a good idea to introduce product listing ads in image search. It may improve the ad revenue and some advertisers may improve their sales in future, through product listing ads in Google Image Search.

What might be the result?

Google Adwords will analyze the campaign after one month i.e. after introduction of the ads. If they see that it is boosting ad revenue, they will promote product listing ads within image search. Google adwords specialist will also take online or telephonic feedback from all customers who opted for these ads, to ascertain how these ads are helping advertisers to improve their revenue.


Product listing ads within image search would help some advertisers to improve the revenue or sales. Suppose an advertiser is promoting electronic gadgets on search network (image search) and if users hear that a new iPhone, then they may search in Google images to have a look of the new iPhone. So, users may be new prospects for advertisers. In this way, product listing ads within image search will definitely get popular in the future.

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