Do Social Bookmarking Sites Boost Website Traffic?

social bookmarking

Many SEO marketers believe that social bookmarking sites only provide backlinks to the website. In actuality however, they drive free traffic to the website. Such referral traffic may help improve the organic ranking of the website. SEO marketers sometimes get confused whether to submit products or services pages directly on social bookmarking sites or not. We request you not to submit a product or service page directly on to social bookmarking sites as it doesn’t improve organic rankings of the website. You should submit blog posts on social bookmarking sites to get traffic on the blog site. And by hyperlinking your product or service page on these blog posts, it will help to boost organic ranking of the website.

Why Social Bookmarking still works?

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites available on the internet but only few works for content marketing. Some sites have thousands of visitors who visit their website daily. It is better to submit content on such sites because content gets visible to thousands of users at the same time. These users may like the content and then share it on their social network.

How to select Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

You need to visit these sites online to check how the stories are updated on their sites (hourly, daily, weekly etc.). Select the sites where content is frequently (may be every minute) updated.

You need to select the following parameters:
• Page Rank
• Alexa Traffic Rank
• Domain Authority
• Moz Rank
• Daily, Monthly Visitors (Refer Free Analytics Tools)
• Content Quality
• Website Popularity

Some of the popular Social Bookmarking Sites:

Reddit: Many SEO marketers think that Reddit is a social bookmarking site. It was a social bookmarking site earlier but it has since become a viral marketing site. It gives no-follow backlinks, so it doesn’t contribute quality backlinks but drives free traffic to the website. Reddit marketing has become one of the key elements in SEO. We ran one discounted tennis racket campaign on Reddit when the Wimbledon Tournament was on. We promoted the landing page through Reddit and we got hundreds of visitors daily, which also contributed to some sale. We got around 7 orders daily till the competition got over.

Digg: Digg was a social bookmarking site earlier but it has become a viral marketing site. Viral news spreads across multiple channels if it is posted on, as it has thousands of daily visitors who are active and looking for such content. They share such content on their social network and make content viral on social media. We request you not to share your product or service pages directly on dig, as they will not approve your content.

Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon is also one of the popular social bookmarking sites. You can post your product or services pages directly on Stumbleupon but it won’t generate traffic as product or services pages don’t contribute any traffic. It is good to post viral content on it as it gives good website traffic. Users also share this content on their Stumbleupon network which makes content more popular within the website.


SEO marketers used to engage in social bookmarking of product or services pages to generate backlinks but now it has changed. SEO marketers have to do social bookmarking smartly to get traffic to the website. You need to use a different strategy for some sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. Social bookmarking still works for SEO through content marketing by submitting blog content on these sites.


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