Konkan Railway – Worst Trains to Travel in Festive Season

Konkan railway is semi Government Company which starts from Roha and ends at Thokur. Konkan railway is managed independently but controlled by Indian Railways. Konkan railway has got a lot of commuters but runs on single line. It is very hectic from Konkan Railway to manage all trains on single line. Every day More than 50 trains run on a single line so you will always find trains crowded. Konkani people waste most of their time in booking the ticket and waiting for the train at station. Trains always run behind the time table.

I wanted to visit my native place a day before Gudhi Padwa. I missed Dive-Roha train due to Harbor Line Local. I wanted catch the train at 8:45pm but I could reach Panvel at 9pm o’clock. So I decided to catch Dadar-Tirunveli superfast express. The train supposed to come at 9:50pm but arrived at 10:10pm. We all wanted to get on to the train but passengers had already closed the door from inside. We couldn’t go inside so we started to abuse people. We were so anxious that we abused that but still they didn’t open the door. Then we rushed to Motorman and told him not to board the train. We even blamed them for the situation; they called Station Manager to control the situation. After 20 minutes of dispute they finally open the door and we entered the train. We hardly could get place to enter and stand. People were sitting in the toilet. I was shocked how people could sit like this. I took some pictures and you can see it below.


I don’t know why Konkan Railway is not taking serious action for double-line; they can work on war-footage to make it happen. I request Honorable Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Railway Minister India) to pay attention to this issue. Actually he is from Konkan and why can’t he feel it. Roha-Panvel double-line is still in progress from past 5 years. Don’t know whether it is going to finish or not. How long will we have to wait to get special trains for us. If they start to work on war-footage then it is possible to make whole Konkan Railway double-line. Every year the situation is getting worst. They started Double Decker AC train but it didn’t work. They took a trial of bullet train (running at 300km/hr) but didn’t work. The railway tracks are not in a good condition. Konkan Railway is known for Safest Railway Route in Asia. They haven’t provided Ambulances and other medical facilities at main stations like Panvel, Thane, Roha, Ratnagiri etc. God knows when they are going to provide us good facilities and services.

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