Office Picnic

Office Picnic at Mohili Meadows Karjat

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Last year our picnic was planned at Tikuji-ni-Wadi and this year at Mohili Meadows which is situated as Mohili village, Karjat-Raigad. I was very excited about this picnic as I was going first time at Resort. Mohili Meadows is situated near the hilly area and graced by greenery. The road is very narrow when you are travelling from Karjat Station to Mohili village; only a single bus can travel on the road.

We started playing Dumb Charades all the way to Karjat. We finally reached Mohili Meadows at 10 o’clock in the morning. We had breakfast first and started playing cricket. We created three cricket teams and started playing tournaments. Our team won two matches and became a winner of the tournaments. We moved to swimming pool. We played football in the swimming tank. We had lunch at 3 o’clock.

We started adventurous activities at 3:30. We did Rifle Shooting first and then Archery, Flying Fox, Rocket Ejector, Burma Bridge. It is advetourious to such activities as it increases your excitement and heart beats. You will have a feel like you’re a Roadie or Fear Factor participant.

In Flying Fox activity you are suspended on a cable attached to a pulley which takes you from one end to second end at the speed of 30km/hr.

Second awesome activity is Rocket Ejector; in this activity are attached to cables and you are ejected in upward direction at the speed of 60km/hr. In this activity you are pulled upward and you get scared in first few second and it becomes normal.

The third activity which I liked is Burma Bridge. In this activity one cable is at the ground and two cables are placed for support. You have to walk on a single cable by taking support other two cables and you are attached to pulley so that even if you fall you will not fall in the canal. The whole bridge is placed on a canal. I got a feeling for Roadie while doing this activity.

We wanted to do Sumo Fighting but rain ruined it. The raining started at 5 o’clock in the evening and didn’t stop. We wanted to do even more activities like Mud Fighting, Low Rope but we couldn’t.

The management of Mohili Meadows is great. They will provide you a bungalow where you will need to keep your stuff. The food and snacks quality was awesome. The people of resort were great and helpful. They should have properly utilized place to introduce more adventurous activities. If they do this then I am sure they will become popular in the future.

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