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Why is it necessary to change Banner Creatives in Google display campaign?

Google Display network is a network of millions of websites that are connected by the Google Adsense Program. Google Display Network is the world’s number one ad network and is used by thousands of advertisers worldwide. Google display network offers various types of ads like Gmail sponsored text ads, image ads, text ads, video ads, etc. Advertisers have many options to run their ads on the display network with customized targeting, where we can target users based on their interest, location, age, behavior, etc. We always prefer to run GIF banner ads on display network as we can run it specifically on mobile devices, tablets or desktops. Display network offers customized device targeting where we can target users based on which smartphones they use e.g. specific iOS devices or Android devices.

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Why banners ads give more conversion than text and video ads?

GIF banners are getting popular these days as users get more engaged with GIF banners than JPG banners. Click through rate (CTR) of GIF banners are much better than JPG banners as we get an opportunity to show various features by showing it through text-frames. GIF banners, which are very popular on display network, are also getting popular on social networking sites. Text ads are just text where nothing else is shown, so CTR of text ads is very poor. Text ads are shown anywhere on the web page so users don’t get attracted to text ads or finds few ads on the web page. The leads generated through text ads are lesser than banner ads. Video ads are just videos that are shown on display network with promoted text and URL on it and users hardly click on the URL shown while the video is streaming. We can put a call to action on video ads but it doesn’t excite users, as it forces them to watch the video and that is why conversion rate is very poor in video ads.

Why should we change banners frequently?

Old Banner Creative





New Banner Creatives






700 X 700 - 18

We are currently running a display campaign for our client based in Mumbai, where we run only image ads. We were running GIF banners without appealing content, which didn’t give us a good CTR and leads. We were promoting a real estate project and we didn’t mention the Interest Rate and Property cost, so we were getting only impressions but not clicks and the CTR was around 0.09%. We did research to ascertain what was going wrong. We changed the text on banner ads and put some appealing content like interest rate and 1 BHK starting at 75 Lacs* and it worked. It improved the CTR of the campaign, as well as clicks and leads. The appealing content in the banner plays an important role in a display campaign, as it attracts more users to click on the banner, which also improved the CTR by 250%. The user who is interested in the property would have a budget in mind to buy a home, so he may not make an enquiry unless and until the cost of property is shown. This is the main technique behind banner ads. GIF banners worked because we were able to put the interest rate, price and amenities in the banner.


Banner ads work much better on display network, as it is a united network of millions of web sites. Changing banner creatives frequently will keep users engaged and will also improve the performance of the campaign. Usually three to five banner creatives are run by advertisers to analyze the performance of banners and it actually helps to gain more clicks, impressions and leads. Display advertisers are using more GIF banners than JPG banners.

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