Birthday and Diwali Celebration

birthday celebration

My birthday comes on 21st of Oct, which come either before Diwali or in between Diwali. Diwali is the most favorite festival of all India. I celebrate two festivals every year; first is Ganpani and second is Diwali. We celebrate Diwali with illuminated lightning, Diyas, Rangolis, Fire Crackers, Farals, Sweets etc. I am always enthusiastic about my birthday as it comes on Diwali. There is a relation between my birthday and Diwali. I was born on 21st October 1987 and it was first day of Diwali i.e. Laxmipujan. I celebrate my birthday twice a year i.e. first on 21st October and second on Laxmipujan. I do celebrate my first birthday with my friends and colleagues; I celebrate second birthday with my family on Laxmipujan every year.

I was very excited about my birthday this year. It was my 27th birthday and I wanted to buy a jewelry gift for my mom. I got one birthday gift from my friend. My colleague also has his birthday on 21st of October so we celebrate our birthday together in office. My sweet friends from office had taken a cake in office. My friends put a cake on my and Sumeet’s face. They were making funny noise in the office. I am very happy on birthday every year as I am blessed with so many awesome friends. I will always be grateful for them.


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