Do Social Bookmarking Sites Boost Website Traffic?

    Many SEO marketers believe that social bookmarking sites only provide backlinks to the website. In actuality however, they drive free traffic to the website. Such referral traffic may help improve the organic ranking of the website. SEO marketers sometimes get confused whether to submit products or services pages directly on social bookmarking sites or not. We request you not to submit a product or service page directly on to social bookmarking sites as it doesn’t improve organic rankings of the website. You should submit blog posts on social bookmarking sites to get traffic on the blog site. And by hyperlinking your product or service page on these blog posts, it…

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    Facebook Startups for Mobile Apps Developers in India

    Facebook Startup is new program designed by Facebook to help early stage mobile developer to build and grow their apps. Facebook platform was launched in 2007 which allowed developers to create news and games to be played and consumed on Facebook. Developers created 30,000 apps in the year 2007. Today Facebook has 1.49bn active users. Research has said that one out of every five minutes spent on a Smartphone in the U.S is now on Facebook app which proves that people are are interested on Facebook apps. FbStart is a program the company announced in April 2014, offering free tools as well as technical support from Facebook’s in-house software engineers…

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    Incredible 10 Years in Navi Mumbai

    It was 8th of August 2005 when I left Roha and came to Navi Mumbai for pursuing the higher education (Engineering) after completing the H.S.C exam. It was very sad day as my Mom, Dad, and Brothers were crying. I couldn’t stop crying as I was also depressed. I travelled around 4 hours from Roha to Thane and couldn’t stop crying thought the journey. I finally arrived at maternal uncle’ place and he taught many things about this city. I had come to Navi Mumbai with a lot of dreams (Engineering was my first dream). I had taken admission in A.C.Patil College of Engineering (IT branch). I met many friends…

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    How to Increase Revenue through Facebook Advertising?

    Facebook is world’s number one social network site and has become a popular worldwide in less than a decade. Facebook advertising is main source of income of Facebook. Facebook has changed the face of social media advertising from past three years. They always come up with new type of advertising every year. We (advertiser) can have various advertising where we can do advertising to generate revenue. Facebook has become world’s second advertising network (after Google) in the online advertising. Facebook offers different types of advertising e.g. Page Like, Boost Post, Event Promotion, Video Views, Remarketing, Website Clicks, and Website Conversions etc. Recently Remarketing campaigns have become popular and generated a…

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    Dale Carnegie – High Impact Presentation Award

    High impact presentation was conducted by Dale Carnegie is one the leading corporate training institute worldwide. I am very glad to be a part of their program. I went through two days workshop at Worli. Their training program is very good as I learnt so many things about to present yourself in front of the audience by making use of eye contact, gestures, confidence, voice tone etc. They conducted around 10 lessons in entire two days program and I am very happy that I could win the Award. Thank You Very Much Dale Carnegie Training Institute, India.  

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    How to Make Business Successful Online in 2015?

    Online advertising is becoming more popular than offline advertising. Every business is trying to become more dependent on online advertising rather than offline marketing. Business marketers are now investing more money in digital marketing. Earlier, marketers used to employ various form of advertising that includes print, outdoor, OOH, radio, TV etc. advertising to make brand awareness and generate enquiries. Recently I met my client who is a Vice President at reputed real estate agency in Mumbai. He was not aware of the impact of digital marketing so I explained him about various techniques of digital marketing. Offline advertising is costly and various marketing activities including printing promotional material, outdoor promotion…

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    Konkan Railway – Worst Trains to Travel in Festive Season

    Konkan railway is semi Government Company which starts from Roha and ends at Thokur. Konkan railway is managed independently but controlled by Indian Railways. Konkan railway has got a lot of commuters but runs on single line. It is very hectic from Konkan Railway to manage all trains on single line. Every day More than 50 trains run on a single line so you will always find trains crowded. Konkani people waste most of their time in booking the ticket and waiting for the train at station. Trains always run behind the time table. I wanted to visit my native place a day before Gudhi Padwa. I missed Dive-Roha train…

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    मराठी नववर्ष – गुढीपाडवा

      गुढीपाडवा हे ऐक अस्सल मराठी सण आहे जो खूप उत्साहाने साजरा केला जातो. गुढीपाडवा म्हणजे  मराठी नववर्ष जे चैत्र महिन्यात सुरूवात होते. हे सण संपूर्ण जगात मराठी लोक शोभा यात्रा काढून साजरा करतात. हा सण खासकरून कोकणा मधे साजरा केला जातो. डोंबिवली, ठाणे, रायगड, मुंबई, पुणे ई. या ठिकाणच्या शोभा यात्रा तर दैदिप्यमान असतात. शोभा यात्रा आणि देखावे तर अप्रतिम असतात. देखाव्यांमधे तर सामाजिक बांधिलकी म्हणून सामाजिक प्रबोधन, स्वच्छता, महिला सक्षमिकरण आणि सबलीकरण ह्या विषयांवरती भर दिला जातो. हा सण मला मनापासून आवडतो. ह्या वर्षीचा गुढीपाडवा माझ्यासाठी खूप महत्वाचा आहे कारण ह्या वर्षी मी गुढी उभारणार आहे. हे मराठी नववर्ष असल्यामुळे ह्या वर्षाची सुरूवात मी खूप उत्साहाने करणार आहे. नव वर्ष…

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    Office Picnic at Mohili Meadows Karjat

    Last year our picnic was planned at Tikuji-ni-Wadi and this year at Mohili Meadows which is situated as Mohili village, Karjat-Raigad. I was very excited about this picnic as I was going first time at Resort. Mohili Meadows is situated near the hilly area and graced by greenery. The road is very narrow when you are travelling from Karjat Station to Mohili village; only a single bus can travel on the road. We started playing Dumb Charades all the way to Karjat. We finally reached Mohili Meadows at 10 o’clock in the morning. We had breakfast first and started playing cricket. We created three cricket teams and started playing tournaments.…